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Tool name Description Add
5S Organise workplace
Affinity diagram Categorise ideas
Brainstorming Generate ideas
Continuous and discrete Classify data
Critical to success tree Identify needs
Customer perception Customer perspective *
Data collection plan Collect data
DMAIC introduction Improvement methodology *
Eighteen words Define opportunity
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Assess risk
Fishbone diagram Drill down
Five whys Root cause
Frequency distribution Analyse variation
Generic improvement techniques Improve flow
Histogram Visualise variation
Kano model Classify expectations
Levelling matrix Balance flow
Mean, Mode and Median Calculate performance
Measurement funnel Prioritise variables
Measurement variation Measure accurately
Minimum Sample Size Sufficient data
Operational definition Define measures
Pareto chart Attribute cause
Piloting Pilot solution
Prioritisation matrix Prioritise solutions *
Process dashboard Ongoing monitoring
Process efficiency Calculate efficiency
Process map Process understanding
Process yield Baseline accuracy
Project charter Agree project *
Project plan Implement solution
Relationship diagram Assess impact
Run chart Baseline performance
Run chart and histogram Interpret data
Run chart and histogram Quantify improvement
Runners, Repeaters and Strangers Assess demand
Sampling strategy Select sample
Seven wastes Eliminate waste
SIPOC Scope process *
Standard deviation Six Sigma
String diagram Optimise layout
Takt time Process rhythm
Value stream data Process data
Value stream map Value map
Variation cause Reduce variation
Variation cause Identify cause
Voice of customer Assess needs
Work in progress Identify bottlenecks
Y=f(X) Recognise variables
Z table Sigma conversion
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